Online certificate transfers are now available in Alachua County. For more information, please see our User Guide.

Please note: You cannot buy Tax Deeds on this site. To apply for a Bidder Number, or to purchase Tax Lien Certificates, please visit LienExpress.

DeedExpress is a site for investors who hold eligible tax certificates (in the counties listed below) to take the steps specified by Florida statutes in trying to get a return on their investment. Please contact the Tax Collector or Clerk of Courts for information about Tax Deed Sales.

DeedExpress® serves Florida Tax Collectors by allowing investors to submit Tax Deed Applications online to the following counties:

What are "Tax Deed Applications"?

Tax Certificates that have not been redeemed after two years from April 1 of the year they were issued are eligible for Tax Deed Application. Once a certificate is eligible, the certificate holder may apply for a Tax Deed. The Tax Deed will eventually go to sale at a public auction unless the Tax Deed is redeemed by either the property owner or someone with a legal interest in the property (such as the homeowner's representative or a mortgage company). When the Tax Deed is redeemed, or sold, the Tax Deed Applicant will receive their original investment (the total Tax Deed Application costs) plus accrued interest.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply for a Tax Deed?

To apply for a Tax Deed, the certificate holder must redeem (pay off) all other outstanding tax certificates, pay any other outstanding taxes and fees on the property, and pay for application fees and a title examination fee. Fee amounts vary by county, but when you make a Tax Deed Application you are also committing to pay additional fees to take the property to auction.

In most counties the cost of advertising, certified mailings, sheriff services or postings, and Clerk fees are not included in the Tax Deed Application, and will be due before the Tax Deed Sale, but some counties include them in the initial application cost.

What is the Interest earned on a Tax Deed Application?

The total amount paid for the Tax Deed Application, including all application fees, accrues interest at 18% per year from the first day of the month following the Tax Deed Application until the property owner redeems the Tax Deed or it goes to sale.

What are "Tax Certificates"?

A Tax Certificate is a first lien against real estate (not the owner) and becomes the basis upon which a Tax Deed Application is filed. The sale of a Tax Certificate is NOT a sale of real property, nor does a Tax Certificate give the certificate holder a direct means to acquire a property. Similarly, paying the delinquent taxes directly does not give you any rights to the property; you will just be paying the taxes for the homeowner.

For more information on delinquent taxes and Tax Deed Applications, please see Florida Statutes.

Submitting a Tax Deed Application

If you are the holder of an eligible tax certificate you can:

  1. Log in to DeedExpress with the same User ID and Password you used when participating in the annual certificate sale, or when purchasing certificates or getting a bidder number on LienExpress. If you purchased a certificate from a third party and don't have a bidder number you must register on LienExpress and submit your W-9 to get one, and then contact the Tax Collector to transfer the certificate.
  2. Submit your certificate bidder number and corresponding SSN/EIN information to retrieve a list of certificates held by that bidder number. You may add any number of additional bidder numbers to your account. Bidder numbers are different for each county, so you must repeat this step in each county where you hold certificates.
  3. Review your list of certificates and select those to submit for Tax Deed Application by adding them to the DeedExpress "shopping cart".
  4. Submit payment for the Tax Deed Applications.
    • Depending on the county, this may be via ACH (e-check), or by sending funds separately to the county.
    • A DeedExpress Online Application Fee of $100 per Tax Deed Application, in addition to the regular $75 application fee, will be included with the other Tax Deed Application related fees and cost. All application fees are interest bearing and earn interest at 18%. Users that do not wish to pay the online application fee may use a limited version of DeedExpress, with fewer features, as stated in the User Agreement. If you have any questions regarding the $100 Online Application fee, please contact Grant Street Group at 866-247-4370.

Tax Deed Sale

The Tax Deed Sale is generally conducted by the Clerk of Court. In some counties, such as Broward, the sale is run by the Tax Collector. Before the Tax Deed Sale the applicant must pay additional sale fees (these vary by county) such as certified mail fees for notifying all interested parties, the Clerk sale fee, advertising, recording and sheriff's fees. Failure to pay these fees will result in the Tax Deed Application being abandoned and you would then have to start the process over again. You should contact the Clerk of Court (or the Tax Collector in the case of Broward County) for a breakdown of these fees prior to making your application. The opening bid at the Tax Deed Sale is the total paid by the applicant plus accrued interest; it will also include one-half of the assessed value on the current tax roll if the property has a homestead exemption.

If nobody else bids at the auction the applicant is required to accept the property and must pay the fees for documentary stamps and recording fees, plus one-half of the assessed value if the property has a homestead exemption. The applicant may also bid in the sale and is responsible for any money owed above the money already paid for the TDA, less accrued interest.

If the applicant does not accept the property it is placed on the List Of Lands Available For Taxes where it remains for three years or until sold. If it does not get sold the property escheats to the county and the deed applicant forfeits their investment. Please contact the Tax Collector for more information.